In A Sign Of Sportsmanship, Jack Sock Told Opponent To Challenge Call

So much integrity!

A rising star in tennis, American Jack Sock, battled Australian legend Lleyton Hewitt in a match during the Hopman Cup tournament on Tuesday. The match took place in Perth, Australia.

Hewitt was trailing 4-5 and needed a spark to stage a comeback. He was finally up 30-0 in a set and wished to continue his resurgence. Hewitt served the ball, but the Umpire called it out, because it apparently looked out.


That’s when Jack Sock did the classiest thing ever.

Sock, who had a better angle of the ball, shouted to Hewitt, "That was in, if you want to challenge it."

The crowd immediately giggled at Sock's sincerity, since it's odd for a player to be so honest about that type of thing. Even Hewitt looked stunned at the gamesmanship.

"That was in?" the Umpire said.

"Challenge it," Sock said again.

Hewitt took Sock's advice and challenged the call. So the Umpire reviewed the call.

Sock was correct — the ball was in.

After reviewing it, the Umpire made the right call. He reversed the original decision and gave Hewitt the point. The crowd cheered for Sock's incredible sportsmanship.

"Good sport, Jack Sock," said the TV announcer.

With that point, Hewitt kept his success alive in the set and ultimately won the game. However, it was Sock who earned the respect of so many fans that day by doing the right thing.

Watch the full video:

(H/T: Mashable)


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