There Was Free Money Hanging On The Wall. So Cameras Rolled To See How People Would React To It.

Money drives people to do crazy things.

We often move through life too quickly to notice the things we take for granted — until the moment we come face to face with someone who doesn't have what we have.  

Then we realize how much we have that we can give to the people who need it more. 


That's why this video is so powerful. 

The guys at The Toolbox took to Union Station in Los Angeles and decided to orchestrate a little social experiment. 

They taped this board to a wall and let the cameras roll...

What happened next was pretty beautiful.  

The board stayed up until there was only one, lonely dollar left that nobody seemed to want. 

Maybe it was because that dollar reminded people to really think about how badly they needed it rather than selfishly grabbing something flanked by so many of its kind. When it became a limited resource, the people of L.A. decided to leave it for someone who needed it more. 

We encounter people in need every, single day without even knowing it. Our job as humans is to take inventory of what we have and see if any of it can be shared. 

But this video you're about to see is a pretty sweet reminder of the generosity that already exists around us. 


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