Man Asks For Help Translating A Message That Is Extremely Racist


What do you do when you see bigotry around you? What do you feel? How do you respond?

Svetima Geda, a campaign commissioned by the Lithuanian Center For Human Rights, produced a powerful video about a social experiment they conducted. Svetima Geda roughly translates to "foreign shame," and in this case is meant to represent the idea of feeling shame for the discriminatory actions of others. 

"I think there's one important point regarding racism in Lithuania," Justina Bakutyte, a writer for A+ and native Lithuanian, explained. "We have an incredibly small amount of immigrants, especially of other races. Plus, after spending 50 years in occupation (where other races and sexual orientations simply 'didn't exist'), I would say we are very uneducated on the topic."

"This is probably the first PSA of its kind to promote racial equality and target the small (but loud) nationalist movements that are mainly associated with ethnic hate and crime," she added.

The video begins with a series of titles describing a social experiment The Center For Human Rights set up.


"We invited people to audition for an ad."

"And asked them to wait for a bit."

"There was no actual audition."

"We filmed them secretly in the 'waiting room.'"

Watch what happened next below:

Danute Rasimaviciute provided translations for this report. 

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