Video Of Blindfolded Strangers Kissing Is The Ultimate Tribute To Love At First Sight

Love at first kiss?

We're often told that true love is blind, but can it really be so? 

One filmmaker decided to put this notion to a test. Here's what he discovered.


Jordan Oram invited eight strangers to his studio in Toronto, blindfolded them and let them have a little chitchat.

When the participants started feeling more at ease, Oram hit them with the news — their task is to kiss the person standing in front of them. The person they haven't even seen yet ...

After some groping and fumbling, all four couples found their way to each other's lips. And oh did the room fill with tiny little sparks!

Oram's experiment was titled 'Kiss Me Now, Meet Me Later' and was inspired by the famous 'First Kiss' video. However, he says he wanted to explore the reason behind the kiss more deeply.

"What if you meet the person you fell in love with from the first kiss? What if it was like your first kiss? What if it was, like, you met someone, you kissed them and then you introduced yourself ... And then you built the chemistry from that," Oram explains.

Watch the full video below:


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