All Passersby Walk Past A Child Freezing In The Cold Until This Homeless Man Sees Him

Hit us right in the feels.

If someone told you that a 7-year-old kid wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans was left in the cold asking strangers for help, you wouldn't think someone could actually refuse, right?

The guys behind OckTV decided to test this out asking their own brother Omar to pretend to be homeless while on film. The boy stands in the freezing cold in the streets of New York begging for help only to watch hundreds of people pass by. 

The video claims that during the first two hours, "no one attempted to even talk or help the homeless child." Until this homeless man comes to help. 

"Are you all right, little brother?" the man asks the boy while putting his own jacket around him.


Watch the entire video below.

There has been a lot of speculation on the Internet about whether all the claims made in the video are true. As Youtube user Twistedsoul points out, at 2:28 you can see a couple walking past the child looking very concerned. The young woman appears to ask her boyfriend for money, but once she starts walking towards the child, the film cuts.

Exaggerated or not, the video still reflects the daily reality of homeless people. Having people pass by this child freezing in the cold, no matter if it's two minutes or two hours, is just not OK.

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