This Aussie YouTuber Took A Break From Kickass Beauty Tips To Share Something Deeply Personal

“I am proud."

If you hear a knock at the door and you are afraid to answer it, or if you are at a party and you are too intimidated to speak to anyone, then there's a chance you might be living with social anxiety.

It's a perfectly normal experience to have, and one that's familiar to many people, including Danielle Mansutti. The 21-year-old Australian YouTube personality usually discusses lifestyle and beauty topics, but she decided to break the mold and talk about having social anxiety in her latest video.

"My entire life, I've been a shy person," she said. "I was always shy [and] always hiding behind my mom."

Mansutti said that she was so shy in school that her teachers were concerned and told her parents. Meanwhile, bullying in school left her with self-confidence issues that developed into "feelings of depression and anxiety."

To get help, she spoke to her doctor, who in turn referred her to a therapist. It was in therapy that Mansutti developed ways to cope with her social anxiety, and she shared her newfound knowledge on YouTube.

"The more you push yourself, the less you will be socially anxious, and you will learn and grow," she said.

Mansutti published her video to create awareness for social anxiety, and with over 98,000 views since Friday, it seems to be working.


WebMD describes social anxiety as a phobia in which "a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations."

Nearly 7 percent of Americans live with social anxiety, which also ranks as one of the most prevalent mental health conditions around the world. The key is to speak out and to get help, just like Mansutti did. It's a decision she has not regretted.

"I am proud to be shy," she said.

A Plus reached out to Mansutti for a comment.


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