Soccer Goalie Fakes Being Knocked Out In The Middle Of A Game

Well, that didn't work.

Maximo Banguera will do anything to win.

The Ecuadorian goalkeeper recently showed that dedication by pulling off a move seldom seen on any athletic pitch in the world: playing dead.

Playing for Barcelona SC against Atletico Nacional in a Copa Libertadores group game, Banguera looked up with the game tied 1 to 1 only to find Atletico forward Jonathan Copete barreling towards him to put in a tie-breaking goal. So Banguera did the logical thing: He charged, got run over, and then pretended to be unconscious. For about 90 seconds.

"Everyone thinks Banguera is faking," one announcer says in Spanish.

At first, the giveaway was the complete and total lack of concern shown by the ref, his teammates or his opponents. Even as Banguera lay like this:


But once the keeper got up, and was given a red card, he seemed to walk off his "daze," returned to the game, and promptly allowed a goal just a few minutes later as his team went on to lose 2-1. 


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