They May Love Different Teams, But These Soccer Fans Came Together For One Memorable Moment

"Those are the true heroes of the World Cup."

It's an incredible feeling to be able to cheer for your country's team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But to get support from other fans? That's an even greater emotion. 

At the Fan Fest in Moscow on the opening day of the World Cup, Hassan Sedky, 25 — who has been in a wheelchair since an accident at 18 — and his best friend, Mostafa Amin, were on hand to support Egypt. Sedky is a master's student from that country who is studying at the University of Texas, BuzzFeed reports


Amin tells CNN that during the celebration, fans from all over the world were uniting and cheering for each other's teams, building a sense of unity among the crowd.

But, according to CNN, Sedky got the attention of other soccer fans when it came time to cheer for Egypt, and what happened next went viral.

"We lifted him up in the air in celebration," Amin said.

A photo of Sedky was then shared on Facebook, where it garnered more than 37,000 shares with more than 68,000 likes. 

"Those are the true heroes of the World Cup. No matter your nationality [or] your orientation. Humanity speaks loud," one person wrote on the post. 

At the time of the photo, Sedky tells BuzzFeed that he felt "on top of the world." 

A photographer witnessed a second lift the following day, and told CNN why he felt the need to capture it.

"When I saw Hassan being raised, I understood it was a great story and took some pictures. But for a few seconds, I was just standing there and watching the moment," Kirill Michalechenko said.

A great story, indeed, and one that truly shows the spirit of sporting events that bring the world together.

As for the rest of his experience, Sedky tells BuzzFeed that it's been a positive one. "I don't think I've spent an hour yet where random strangers haven't offered me help," Sedky said.

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