These Kids Look Like They're Playing Soccer, But They're Doing Much More

Truly a win-win.

To a lot of people in the world, electricity and soccer are almost equally important.


Getting electricity to some rural parts of the world is a challenge. Building the infrastructure to bring power to areas isn't just costly, it takes time, even though the need is clearly already there. Sustainable, low-tech innovations play a huge role in rural development, which is this soccer ball is just so neat.

One company has created a soccer ball that stores and converts the energy created by kicking it.

According to the creators of the Soccket, users can power an LED light for up to three three hours after kicking the ball around for 30 minutes. While solar power and hand crank lights can last longer, creators of the ball say it's special because it makes users reconsider items and activities they'd previous considered exclusively recreational. The real challenge, they said, was not creating something that could generate a lightbulb, but rather creating a functional soccer ball.

Check out the neat low-tech innovation here:

(H/T: Fast Company)

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