It Might Be The Wackiest Winter Sport To Come Out Of Canada, But It's A Full-On Adrenaline Rush

Of course Canada came up with this.

Snow cross is one of the fastest growing winter sports and it's taking risk to a whole new level.


The heart-pumping sport, which is known as "ice cross" in its home country of Canada, is gaining popularity around the world. It was recently featured on a hit U.K. television show about extreme winter sports called "The Jump."

Competitors skate and jump their way down a steep, twisty ice hill in the hopes of being the first to hit the finish line. (That's if they finish at all.)

They pick up speed faster than a car. It's pretty intense.

The racers push, shove and battle their way to the bottom. It's no-holds-barred.

The rules are "there ain't no rules." Anything goes.

The racers try to wipe out their opponents, but only if they don't accidentally take themselves out first.

If they take too much air on a jump, they'll come crashing down, and if their turn is too sharp, they'll slam into the boards. 

If you're interested in this sport, you better hold onto your coccyx because a broken tailbone is the most common injury sustained by racers. Ouch.

Whether snow cross is your jam or not, you've gotta admit, it doesn't get much more extreme than this.

Watch snow cross in action in the video below from Channel 4. 


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