This Guy's Speakers Are Loud Enough To Blow The Snow Off His Car

Easy money.

Coming out to a snow-covered car first thing in the morning is never fun.

You know the process: Turn on the ignition, shuffle back inside, cover yourself in warm clothes, shuffle back outside, start sweeping away the snow, scraping away the ice, all the while praying that none of your windshield wipers are broken.

But what if you could get rid of all that snow in two seconds? What if you could do it with Lil Jon?

In the video above, one guy and his kid figured out how. 

This car must have an amazing sound system. When the beat drops, the bass is so loud it warps the trunk and removes the snow. 


While we're left with a lot of questions like, "where do I get those speakers?" and "are those kid's ears okay?", we can be satisfied knowing one thing: Scraping your car off in freezing cold weather isn't the only way to get rid of snow. 


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