Japanese Snow Monkeys In Pure Bliss While Canoodling In Hot Springs

If humans did this more, life would be pure bliss.



The gorgeous Japanese macaque is often referred to as a "snow monkey" because it lives on snow-covered mountains for up to four months of the year. 

No other monkey lives in such cold climates.

Don't be too concerned, though, because these clever primates found a trick to staying warm during those long winter months.  

Since 1963, they've been making day trips to Jigokudani and basking in the valley's hot springs. Now, that's resourceful. 

Travel videographer Art Gimbel caught the ritual in a short clip featured on National Geographic. 

The video shows the snow monkeys bathing in what almost appears to be a zen-like state. We can't read minds, but we know a blissful look when we see one.

It's astounding to see how similar their social interactions are to humans. You'll see families cuddling, friends chilling and others embracing. 

The fact that they're taking the time to enjoy life is enough to ask if maybe they're more enlightened than us.  

We humans could learn a thing or two from their annual ritual. We can't all take a trip to a hot spring, but there's other things we can do. 

Like take a break, shut out the noise, practice self-care and focus on just being in the moment. (You can also just watch the video over and over.)

Watch snow monkeys enjoy life the way humans should.

Take a moment to enjoy your life. 


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