Snoop Dogg Nominates Himself As New Twitter CEO After Dick Costolo Resigns


Twitter, the popular social networking site with 302 million active users, has been at the mercy of Wall Street investors for supposedly not living up to its potential for a while now — so much so that CEO Dick Costolo threw in the towel on Thursday and announced that he is stepping down. Founder Jack Dorsey will temporarily replace Costolo, but one unexpected figure has voiced his intention of taking over. Snoop Dogg wants to be Twitter CEO and he is not afraid to shout it from the rooftop.

Expressing his interest via Twitter (of course), Snoop wrote: "I'm ready to lead @twitter!! #SnoopforCEO" — and thus a hashtag was born.


If you think about it, the idea isn't completely crazy.

Despite having been around for two decades, Snoop has survived the Justin Biebers and the Miley Cyruses of this generation, and has managed to stay relevant all these years. When he isn't performing or changing his name — who could forget Snoop Lion? — he is also a part-time tech investor

If those on Wall Street aren't yet convinced of hiring Snoop as Twitter's next CEO, they could look no further than his following tweet about #SnoopforCEO.

True to his style, Snoop indicated that his first order of business as Twitter CEO would be to "get the moolah."

He also launched the hashtag #ifSnoopWasTwitterCEO, prompting a deluge of hilarious responses from his followers.

Here's to hoping that this is Twitter's next CEO:

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