Snoop Dogg Accidentally Helped Make The Wrong Bogata The Most Poppin' Place On The Planet

No, not that Bogotá.

When Snoop Dogg recently posted this selfie in Bogotá, he didn't quite expect the resulting level of excitement.


That's because Snoop accidentally geo-tagged the wrong Bogotá.

Instead of tagging Bogotá, Colombia, the rapper tagged Bogota, Romania.

Even though he wasn't in Romania, that didn't stop the small town of 2,000 people from rejoicing in excitement.

They were so thrilled about the mistaken shout-out, they went ahead and created an entire website called dedicated to the moment.

They even threw in some hilarious shade towards Bernie Sanders, who said recently "people living in Bucharest, Romania, have access to much faster Internet than most of the U.S."

According to Time, Mayor Laszlo Barta told the AP, "It was a mistake, but it's a good advert for us."

People on Twitter were also sharing in the hilarity about Snoop's Insta-mistake.

As Now This explains in the video below, Bogata doesn't even have one hotel, but hey, now seems like the perfect time to invest in some new infrastructure.

Way to go, Snoop. Bogata, Romania, will never be the same ... in a good way.


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