Dreading Thanksgiving Table Drama This Year? 'SNL' Has The PERFECT Solution.

This has so many applications!

Thanksgiving can be a tough day. Not only does it often involve relatives gathered from near and far, it can also be the introduction to a significant other's family for the first time, always a potentially disastrous and volatile situation requiring substantial social dexterity and deft politicking through the minefields of Other People's Issues. 

Whether you're joining someone's family or having your own over for dinner, you may be dreading the simmering dramas that all too often come to a boil after the tenth bottle of wine is opened and emptied. It can leave a person wondering what can be done.

Saturday Night Live has a hilariously perfect answer. This sketch, titled "A Thanksgiving Miracle," aired Saturday and it perfectly captured some of the craziness we've all experienced on Turkey Day ... and how you might deal with it. 


So, if you've ever found yourself listening to a crazy aunt and realizing this eternal truth ...

... or if you've ever found yourself confronted by an s/o's intolerable relative ...

... or dealing with any other family holiday perils ...

... "Saturday Night Live" has the perfect solution to bring everyone together.

Watch the magic unfold here ... and make sure you're prepared this Thanksgiving.


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