Watch Celebs Like Matthew McConaughey Deliver Some Questionable 'Star Wars' Auditions

"I have a Lando voice."

One of the best sketches from this past season of Saturday Night Live was one in which various celebrities — some played hilariously by cast members, others hilariously playing themselves — auditioned for the latest Star Wars movie. Actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega joined in on the fun, and it left us wanting more.

Luckily, SNL had some bonus footage from the sketch, and they released it online this week for us to enjoy. It's a pretty good start in tiding us over until both the next season of the sketch show and the next movie in the franchise.

This time we get to see auditions from even more stars, both real and fake. That includes the very real Matthew McConaughey, who is convinced he's the perfect choice to play Lando Calrissian. There's also an appearance from "Jennifer Lawrence" (Vanessa Bayer), who wastes no time falling over.


Even "Shia LaBeouf" (Kyle Mooney) makes an appearance, to tearfully view himself giving an aggressively motivational speech. There's also more silliness from Daisy and John, as well as a few other stars we already saw in the original sketch, like Emma Stone and Jon Hamm.

There's still time to cast "Janelle Monáe" (Sasheer Zamata) and her happy dance in Episode VIII, right?

Watch all the ridiculousness in the video below:


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