Watch 'Saturday Night Live' Say Good-Bye To Obama With A Musical Tribute

"And as you leave, I know that I am losing my best friend."

Saturday Night Live showed a little of its serious side this weekend when, at the end of the episode hosted by Aziz Ansari, Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata paid tribute to Barack Obama with a rendition of "To Sir With Love".

The two sang directly to the camera while a photo of Obama was projected behind them. The song was originally written for a film of the same name starring Sidney Poitier and is sung near the end of the movie as a tribute to how Poitier's character, a teacher, has influenced his students. The original lyrics were slightly changed in the sketch to lines such as "And as you leave / I know that I am losing my best friend / A friend who taught me right from wrong / And weak from strong."


At the end of the performance, Zamata and Strong present the "World's Greatest President" mug they had made for Obama in hopes that the former commander-in-chief might heed to their pleas of "don't go."

Watch the full tribute below:


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