‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Sketch On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Perfectly Illustrates The Show’s Importance

Chris Pine and Mikey Day have a bit of trouble understanding their friends' new reality.

Cecily Strong, Sasheer Zamata, Aidy Bryant, and Vanessa Bayer grapple with a new, dystopian reality on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live. Dressed as handmaids from the popular Hulu TV series, the four are discussing a potential rebellion when they run into two of their male friends, played by Chris Pine and Mikey Day, who don't seemed to realize that the world isn't quite as it used to be.  

By way of greeting the "girl squad," Pine chides the women for not attending his Cinco de Mayo half-birthday party, and he and Day fail to notice his former friends' growing fears that they will be imprisoned by the government for talking to them. Not to mention the wardrobe that we have to assume is vastly different from the last time the six were together. 

"They took our money and our jobs and our kids," Bryant says, trying to coach Day and Pine into remembering that, as Strong puts it, "Everything is different now."

"I think I read something about that … but I've been super busy with work lately," Pine responds. 

Day and Pine do try to provide some support, including an offer from Pine to talk to his attorney father, even though he mainly does entertainment law. A third friend (Alex Moffat) suggests they hold a protest (which, for the record, they did years ago) and in the end, even an invitation to play "tipsy putt-putt" later isn't enough to make the women's future seem less bleak.

Watch the full sketch below:



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