This Video Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again

Something to think about the next time someone on your flight sneezes

Germs are nothing to sneeze at on an airplane.

Just check out this new computer simulation of how potentially contagious particles spread when an infected passenger sneezes on a crowded plane.

Created by Ansys, a Pennsylvania-based engineering firm, the video shows germs from a sneeze being picked up by airflow and gradually disseminating throughout the airplane cabin.

Ansys created the simulation to help public health officials and airlines better understand the spread of airborne infectious diseases.

Watch the video a few times and it appears as if those sitting in the window seats immediately behind the sneezing passenger in the middle row are subjected to the most germs thanks to plane's airflow system. Although, eventually all those in the rows immediately in front of and behind the infected passenger are blanketed in germs.

Which is enough to make you just want to drive.



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