Professor Snape's Life Told In Chronological Order Is A Heartbreaking Way To Remember Alan Rickman's Work

You were already crying anyway.

The world had not even begun to heal from losing rock legend David Bowie to cancer when news struck that beloved actor Alan Rickman had died in the same way. 

Rickman commanded attention when he appeared onscreen. Not only did he have a trademark voice that was like butter to listen to, but he was truly a phenomenal actor. His deadpan delivery made him a comedic genius in Galaxy Quest, and made for memorable performances in Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Love Actually, to name only a few.

In recent years, however, Rickman was most well-known for bringing Professor Severus Snape to life in the film adaptations of the Harry Potter series.

Snape started out as the potions professor who was so bad, we couldn't help but love him. He reminded us of that strict teacher we've all had, glad that we weren't on the receiving end of his many collar grabs and head smacks. Though he was particularly hard on Harry, flashbacks into Snape's life began to give perspective on what a complex character he really was. At times, we even began to feel sorry for him.


By the end of the series, our picture of Snape has changed irrevocably. He wasn't a mean person with a tendency to do the honorable thing now and again. Snape was misunderstood by everyone around him. And yet, he loved Lily so much, he dedicated his life to protecting her son Harry, even though the boy's father had been unforgivably cruel to him. Our hearts truly broke for the tortured life of the half-blood Prince.

Two years ago, YouTuber kcawesome13 made a tribute to Snape that truly honors his loyalty and nobility. The flashbacks used in the Harry Potter films that helped explain Snape's real character were edited to appear in chronological order. No matter how heartbroken you were for Snape in the books or movies, this video will have you in tears.

To honor the memory of Alan Rickman, the man who so exquisitely brought Snape to life, get your tissues ready and enjoy:

Thank you for everything, Alan Rickman. We're raising our wands to honor your incredible legacy.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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