This Is How You Recreate Snapchat's Puking Rainbow Lens With A Bit Of Makeup

Bringing rainbows back.

We all were vomiting rainbows for days when Snapchat introduced Lenses earlier this month. Which, surprisingly, is way more addictive than it might initially sound.

And while some other Lenses stayed, Snapchat took our favorite — obvi the puking rainbow one — away. But YouTuber Brittany, who runs the GettingPretty channel, found a way to bring it back with a little — or rather a whole lot — of makeup.

"This is my first Halloween makeup tutorial for 2015!" she explains on YouTube. "I thought it would be a super fun & unique halloween makeup tutorial."

Scroll down to see the entire tutorial and the final results.


Start off with some white eyeliner to make those eyes look real big.

A bit of brown eyeshadow along the bottom.

You could even add some eyelashes for an extra-dramatic look.

Super-rosy cheeks next.

And now the real fun begins ...

Watch the entire tutorial below:

Nailed it.


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