Two College Students Lived Out All Your Rom-Com Fantasies Through Their School's Snapstory

"I didn't even realize you replied back to my video ... but if it's fate, I'll see you out tonight."

While you were busy face-swapping last week, two students from University Wisconsin-Madison lived out the millennial equivalent of "Sleepless in Seattle" via their college's Snapchat story.


It all began when a guy in a Vikings jersey was featured in the campus Snapchat story. A girl saw him and, in a video taken in the Memorial Library, confessed, "The guy wearing the Vikings jersey ... I'm seriously in love with you. Find me." 

Not only did "Vikings Fan" respond to "Memorial Library Girl" (as they became known on the Snapchat story), but his next snap was featured again and suggested a time and place to meet. Unfortunately, she didn't see it until it was too late. 

After watching the pair try but fail to meet after multiple exchanges through the app, thousands of other students became invested in their love story.

"Sitting here updating my Snapchat every 30 seconds just to see updates from 'Vikings Fan' and 'Memorial Library Girl'," one UWMadsion Snapchatter said. 

Many worried these two might become just another "missed connection," but technology has improved a lot since the '90s heyday of chance-encounters (often featuring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks).  Snapchat did its part by providing a "Help Vikings Fan Find Mystery Girl" geotag. 

Later that night, "Memorial Library Girl" and "Vikings Fan" finally found each other at — where else? — the local bar.

So maybe it wasn't as romantic as meeting atop the Empire State Building, but, well, it's college. (And Nora Ephron would still be proud.) 

Watch the full Snapchat love story here:


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