These Women Have An Epic Response To Body-Shaming Remarks

Tell 'em, ladies.

If we asked you to think of a time someone made an unsolicited comment about your appearance, chances are, you wouldn't have to think for very long. 

So, to help empower women and spread the message of body-positivity, SmartGlamour, "a fashion clothing line for women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and heights," started the #ImFlattered campaign to encourage people to rethink the word "flattering" and to stop body-shaming. 

As part of the campaign, SmartGlamour first asked a bunch of bada** ladies to write down the most memorable remark either a stranger, or loved one, made about their "body or its presentation."


Here's what some of the women wrote:

So, how should one respond to such comments?

By using the hashtag #ImFlattered, obvi.

As Mallorie Dunn, the creator of the campaign explains, the actual definition of the word "flattering" is "pleasing; gratifying." If you are pleased with yourself, and feel good in a skimpy skirt or cropped top that shows off your curves, no one has the right to tell you otherwise. 

"We are inundated by messages via other people and society at large that women should be smaller, that we owe our appearance to others, that somehow our appearance should be dictated by other people and what they deem "appropriate" and "appealing." And I think that is insane!" Dunn told A Plus. "All of them women at the shoot felt amazing — and you could see it, you could feel it in the room. Who would want to squash that kind of positive, incredible energy?!"

You should always do you.


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