The Inclusive #AllMeansAll Campaign Shows That Fashion Is For Everyone

"When we say All, we truly mean All."

It's brilliant when clothing brands promote an inclusive message, but it's even better when they show it. Self-described "body positive clothing line" SmartGlamour is doing just that. The brand recently launched its #AllMeansAll campaign to show that fashion is truly for everyone.

The inclusive clothing brand has always been a champion of self-love and body confidence. Its size range goes from XXS to 6X. Furthermore, SmartGlamour always been about fashion as empowerment and doing away with hate. The brand shows this by featuring a range of body shapes and sizes in its campaigns.

The #AllMeansAll campaign is in keeping with all of those values, but it has gone one step further to feature underrepresented people, including transgender and non-binary models.

 The brand explained its initiative in a recent Facebook post:


"From our collections, to runway shows, to campaigns, we strive to feature people of all shapes, sizes, heights, weights, ages, ethnicity, ability, and identity. We are all about #FashionForAll —but unlike most brands, when we say All, we truly mean All...  whether that all is demonstrated by gender identity, age, ethnicity, or ability — or a cross section of these characteristics. This is what we have been showing since day one with our models, but now we'll be shining an even brighter light on it."

The initiative isn't going to stop here. As SmartGlamour explains, it will be continuing to show marginalized groups in campaigns to prove that #AllMeansAll really does mean everybody.

The fashion and beauty industries have been becoming more diverse — Maybelline and CoverGirl both named their first-ever male ambassadors, and transgender models are being featured in high-profile campaigns — but more can always be done.

SmartGlamour's ongoing #AllMeansAll campaign will hopefully help to make #FashionForAll truly accurate.

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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