Small Spaces, Smarter Furniture

Maximize your space

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One of the biggest challenges in an increasingly expensive housing market is how to maximize one's space creatively and dynamically.

In 2013, USA Today reported on the rise of "micro-apartments" in New York City: studios between 250 and 370 square feet. For many people, that may sound impossibly small, but urban apartment dwellers find ways to use their space economically and efficiently.

Another way to find ways to creatively utilize space, however, is through smart furniture: furniture that is either modular in nature, multi-use in function, or collapsible and storable. 

We ran across a rather genius video presented by Core77 that showcases some very fine offerings carried by Resource Furniture that are, in a word, resourceful. 

The designs are elegant...

... and deceptively simple.

Modern minimalist designs that can be adapted according to need.

Each creation transforms in seconds.

The video presents an interesting way to think about space and how we use it and how we can transform our living spaces and the spaces around us. 

As the population increases, so will an urgent need for personal space. Designers and creators will need to start thinking outside the box while remaining committed to being inside of it as well. 

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