27 Small Ways To Make A Big Difference In Someone Else's Day

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Here at A Plus, we try to make your days brighter by sharing positive, uplifting stories that make you feel good. You, too, can help add some light to someone's day through small, random acts of kindness that show you care. With so much pain and suffering going on around the world, let's all make an effort to show others the goodness in humanity. 


We rounded up a few simple things you can do to make someone smile today:

1. Take the new kid at work out to lunch

2. Thank your bus driver

3. Shovel your neighbor's snow

4. Send your mom flowers just because.

5. Give someone a copy of your favorite book

6. Have Seamless delivered to your friend's place as a surprise. 

7. Put change in an expired parking meter

8. Do something for someone that they hate doing themselves.

9. Leave an exceptional tip.

10. Volunteer an hour of your time to a cause you care about. 

11. Reach out to an old friend

12. Buy a stranger coffee.

13. Call your parents just to say hi. 

14. Make a care package and give it to someone you love or just someone who needs it

15. Donate clothes, food, or supplies to your local homeless shelter

16. Hand write a letter and mail it.

17. Sincerely ask an elderly person how they're doing. 

18. Offer to babysit for a couple you think deserves a date. 

19. Surprise your significant other with their favorite dessert

20. For one day, compliment each person you interact with.

21. Take your best friend out to dinner and don't check your phone once

22. Offer to be the designated driver

23.  Send out thank you notes, even if they're for things friends did for you forever ago. 

24. Decide not to fight about something that doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things.

25. Make a work of art for someone you love, even if you suck at it. 

26. Remind people that you care about that you're proud of them

27. Forgive. 

Together, let's make the world a better place. One kind act at a time.


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