15 Small, But Important, Things To Thank Your Mom For This Mother's Day

She's your everything. Make sure she knows it.

Mother's Day is a time to set aside time to really thank your mom for everything she's done for you — and there's a lot to be thankful for. Besides giving you, you know, life, her job is never done (even when her kids have big, grown-up jobs of their own). But while it's easy to appreciate Mom for all those big maternal gestures, we shouldn't forget about the small, everyday ones too. 

From making sure we wore a jacket, to cheering us on at all our extracurricular activities, here are 15 small, but nonetheless important, things you should thank your mom for. 


1. Tucking you into bed.

Even though she was probably exhausted, she always made time to make sure you were snug as a bug in a rug. Drifting off to dreamland was always easier knowing your mom made you feel safe ... and was just down the hall in case you needed her in the middle of the night.  

2. Taking you to restaurants with children’s menus (when she definitely didn't want to).

Chances are your mom didn't love going to chain restaurants with kid's menus as much as you thought she did. But you took you anyway ...  and paid for your dinner ...  and let you have dessert even when you didn't need it. 

3. Driving you to all your extracurricular activities.

Whether it was soccer practice, piano lessons, or dance class, you couldn't have done any of 'em without your mom  — literally. So remember to thank her for all the years she spent slaving over a hot steering wheel as your personal chauffeur. 

4. And making you stick with them when you wanted to quit.

They say "Mother knows best," and never is that more true than when you have a bad day at your extracurricular activity and want to abandon it all. Though you might not have appreciated your mom's foresight at the time, now's the time to thank her for not letting you give up. 

5. And cheering louder than everyone else when it was finally your time to shine.

Somehow, some way, you could always hear her voice over the rest of crowd — no matter how soft or loud she may speak normally. 

And even when you're old and gray, she'll never stop cheering.

6. Signing ALLLLL those permission slips.

You only know what the White House looks like because of her! Make sure to thank her for all those times she risked carpel tunnel so you could have an enriching educational experience. 

7. And chaperoning ALLLLL those field trips.

You might not have wanted her there, and she might not have wanted to be there, but she did it anyway. No matter how long the trip or boring the destination, your mom wasn't afraid to slog along with you youngsters. And she did it all without having a bus buddy. 

8. Teaching you to believe in magic.

Whether it was the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny, or simply the truly mystical stain-fighting power of Oxy Clean, your mom taught you to believe anything is possible. She made your small world special by filling it with fantastical stories and mythical creatures. So what if they weren't real? The time you spent talking about them with your mom certainly was. 

9. Making you wear a jacket all those times you insisted you didn’t need one.

You gotta admit you're pretty glad you didn't catch a cold and die of pneumonia like she always said you would. And because you're still alive, you can thank her. 

10. Kissing and hugging you — especially when it embarrassed you in front of your friends.

So what if your mom wasn't the "cool mom"? She loved you and wasn't afraid to show it — no matter how much you begged her not to. That makes her incredibly, totally, unquestionably cool. 

11. Making you do chores.

Your mom is one of two people who had the biggest influence in teaching you the value of hard work. Even if your main chore was just keeping your room clean, you still learned important, lifelong lessons you can apply to your adult life. 

12. Not letting you buy everything you wanted as soon as you got your allowance.

Your hard work didn't just pay off in helping you become an upstanding member of society — it also literally paid. Lucky for you, your mom was there to dissuade you (or, if necessary, forbid you) from blowing it all on the latest toy or fashion fad. Just like she taught you the value of hard work, she also taught you the value of a dollar. 

13. Sitting through countless hours of your favorite TV shows.

Yeah, your mom probably wasn't as big a Nick Jr. fan as you were. Nonetheless, she sat through every cartoon and pre-teen sitcom, somehow restraining herself from changing the channel the whole time. That level of self-control should always be commended.

14. Asking about your life years before you ever thought to ask about hers.

Think about how many times your mom has said, "How was your day?" Even when you didn't want her to ask, she always did. Now that you're older, you've begun to repay the favor but she probably still beats you to the question every time. It's cool; let her have this. She's already given you so much. 

15. Teaching you good manners.

Like the ones that remind you to thank your mom not just on Mother's Day but every day

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