These Guys Create Mesmerizing Colored Fire And Record It In Extreme Slow Motion

Can't stop watching.

For anyone who's ever lost track of time staring at a burning flame, you understand just how mesmerizing fire can be.

Now, The Slow Mo Guys have elevated fire's hypnotic qualities to a whole new level, spraying rainbow-colored flames into the air and recording them in extreme slow motion (1,000 frames per second, to be exact) for their latest YouTube video. 

Using colored tiki torch oil to change the color of the flames, the guys produce blue, green, and red flames in addition to your natural orange hue.

"Let's heat things up a little bit," Daniel Gruchy says at the start of the video.

And that's exactly what they do.


Be sure to watch the full video below for more:

(H/T: Mashable)


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