The Scary Truth Behind Those 'Cute' Slow Loris Tickling Videos

Shocking news about the viral YouTube sensation.

You may remember videos of a slow loris being tickled or eating a rice ball going viral.

Together, they have more than 15 million views on YouTube. But new revelations from the International Animal Rescue (IAR) point out that these animals are not enjoying themselves, and if they are pets, chances are their lives are a living hell. 

"But would you think it was cute if you knew that tickling a slow loris is actually torturing it?" actor Peter Egan asks in a video sponsored by the website "If I told you that before a slow loris is sold as a pet, its teeth are removed without anesthetic, would you still want to watch it and share it with your friends?"


You know the video:

According to the IAR, the common image of a slow loris with its arms over its head is actually a sign the animal is fearing for its life and gathering venom inside a gland in its elbows. 

In an effort to help combat this unjust pet trade that leaves slow lorises tortured and abused, you can make a small donation of six dollars to the IAR that will provide a "syringe full of essential nutrients and vitamins to save a sick loris." 

Watch the video below. Warning, some disturbing images follow.


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