Simple Life Hack For Slicing An Onion Will Eliminate Your Frustrations In The Kitchen

Making onion rings has never been so easy.

No matter if you chop 'em, dice 'em, or slice 'em, preparing onions for a dish can be one of the most frustrating parts of cooking.

How many times has the onion slid around on the cutting board because you couldn't get a good grip on it, or you ended up with totally uneven rings? The only worse thing is accidentally cutting yourself with the knife.

So, to make life just a teensy bit easier, YouTuber Dave Hax offered a life hack to cut onions. It might not sound like much, but every once and awhile just cutting an onion without problems can create a domino effect: it can make your whole cooking experience more enjoyable, make lunch feel better, and overall contribute to the goodness of your day.  


Check out how to slice an onion perfectly every time in the video below:

It doesn't get any easier than that.

This life hack, which doesn't require anything more than a hair pick, can also be used to dice vegetables like zucchini. And if you find slicing tomatoes just as hard as slicing onions, Hax says you can use this same trick on the plump fruit.

So for those who love to cook despite it not being your forte, this life hack will at least make the prep work a little less frustrating. 

(H/T: Someecards)


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