This WNBA Player Wants You To Love Yourself And Your Unique Beauty

"I think everyone is beautiful."


"Even now, I would say I'm a tomboy, but I would say I'm tomboy chic," WNBA player Skylar Diggins says in a video (above) for Allure magazine.

Diggins, who started playing basketball at a young age, recalls being a "dirt over dolls" girl, playing football with the boys at recess while also embracing her feminine side throughout her life.

She further explains  her "beauty and the beast" mentality, what it means to be "pretty powerful," her beauty secrets, and the importance of accepting ourselves for all our beautiful features. 

Together, her inspiring words prove that, regardless of anyone else's opinion, you should feel free to be yourself — on and off whatever court you live your life on. 

Take a look at some of our favorite quotes from the video below and be sure to check out the full feature above:

"I've always loved that 'beauty and the beast' mentality — inside the lines, intense, fierce. Off the court, I embrace the contrast."

"'Pretty powerful,' to me — I feel like that goes back to that 'beauty and the beast' mentality. If your body type is strong ... I think that's beautiful."

"When it comes to my beauty routine, less is more."

"You're forever evolving — for instance, with young girls, [talking] about self-esteem and body image — it's about accepting you. I think everyone is beautiful."

"It's just about finding what you want to accentuate from yourself."


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