Singer Sky Ferreira Had The Perfect Response To The Awful Article A Male Journalist Wrote About Her Sex Appeal

"I’m not a think piece. I’m not a fucking example."

Last week, theL.A. Weekly inexplicably ran a story written by journalist Art Tavana entitled "Sky Ferreira's Sex Appeal is What Pop Music Needs Right Now." The piece described her as "icy but also sweet, like a freshly licked lollipop."

The backlash was swift, and the publication apologized a day later. "I am not here to make excuses; instead, I will say that, in this line of work, we make judgment calls on what to say and how to say it all the time, and sometimes we get it wrong," eEditor Andy Hermann wrote in his apology.

But the damage had been done, and it became yet another example of how women in the entertainment industry are so easily reduced to the object of a man's desire. 

On Monday, Ferreira herself responded to the controversial piece in a damning series of tweets. "I'm obviously a lot more than my 'sex appeal' or my 'knockers'. I'm not ashamed of either of those things either," she tweeted. "I'm not a think piece. I'm not a fucking example."


Ferreira called out the media's sexism towards women in entertainment, particularly in her own experience.

She also slammed Tavana's claim that she defended Terry Richardson, the photographer repeatedly accused of sexual assaulting women he works with.

She took to task the labels that the media slap on women and how problematic they are.

And she capped it all off with:


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