Skinny Pot is the New Low Carb beer!

After selling her Skinnygirl line of liquors for $120 million, Frankel is looking to cash in again, this time on marijuana.

Skinny pot is the new low carb beer!


According to multiple news outlets, mogul Bethenny Frankel is onto something massive. Frankel was recently spotted leaving a marijuana dispensary, which had many people wondering if a new venture could be in the works.

Based on her entrepeneurial spirit and her highly profitable line of Skinnygirl Cocktails (which she sold for a reported $120 million), many people are convinced she's in the process of cooking up, or rather growing, something new.

According to the above video, Frankel is allegedly creating a Skinnygirl marijuana line. In essence, it will be a strain of pot that won't cause munchies.

"She read about how profitable the cannabis industry is and wants to get in on that," an "insider" told US Weekly.

Given her track record of successes, it seems like this is something that will be hitting legal dispensaries sooner rather than later. Watch the video above to find out more. 

How much do you think something like this could be worth?


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