Women Tear Up Sharing Their Dreams — Even Before They're Told Who They're Really Talking To

"When you were a child, what was your dream? What is your dream now?"

The whole "grass is greener" aphorism is perhaps most apt when describing how, as children, we long for adulthood, then as adults we yearn for the innocence and freedom of childhood. 

Burdened by responsibilities (rent! Student loans! Mortgages!) and drained by long work hours, the realities of adulthood mean that many of us let go of the ambitions we decidedly clung to as children.

The pressure to abandon the pursuit of these goals is even greater for women, what with the added societal burden of marriage, children and general inequality between genders. According to the Global Dreams Index Survey, conducted by skincare brand SK-II, one in two women give up on their dreams.


In a new video created by the skincare company, women who have left their dreams behind as they grew older are encouraged by a "counselor"...

...who turns out to be speaking for young girls watching their session from another room.

The counselor asks the women questions about what their big dreams were as children — anime voice actress, artist, piano teacher, flying — and why they aren't pursuing them today. The reasons given are a stark, sober contrast to their childhood goals.

But after a few exercises and words of encouragement from the girls, these women realize that they have to believe in themselves.

The video is part of a larger campaign by SK-II to help women live fuller, happier lives. It's a bittersweet reminder to grownups everywhere to not let life take over our ambitions. 

Be sure to watch the powerful reveal:


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