This Letter To Santa From A 6-Year-Old 'Skeptic' Is Some Serious 'Bah Humbug' Hilarity

"I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. and your life is emty. You don’t know the trouble Ive had in my life."

Many look back fondly on the childhood tradition of writing letters to Santa, asking him for those extra special Christmas gifts they hoped to receive if they'd been extra extra good that year. Not NPR reporter Sarah McCammon's six-year-old "Santa skeptic." 


Tasked with writing a letter to Santa (if that is his real name) at school, the young doubter did so — but on his own terms: 

As translated by McCammon, the letter reads: 

"Dear Santa, 

Santa Im only doing for this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. and your life is emty. You don't know the trouble Ive had in my life. 

Good bye.


Im not telling you my name"

While the scathing contents of the letter would have been enough to put Santa on notice, the 6-year-old cynic further illustrated his message with margin art of wreaths and skulls. 

Since McCammon posted the letter to Twitter on December 3, it has received nearly 10,000 likes and 3,500 retweets. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many Tweeters saying how they "love" the letter and now consider her son their "spirit animal" — holiday spirit, that is. One person even said, "This restores my faith in the Christmas season ..." Just goes to show the internet can still find some holly jolly hilarity in even the most 'bah humbug' moments. 

Oh, and the "troubles" her son mentioned? McCammon clarified in a follow-up tweet that he was referring to his brother. (And well, who doesn't experience  a little extra family drama during the holidays?) 

Cover image via Stokkete I Shutterstock


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