This Hilarious Instagram Account Pokes Fun Of All Girls Instagramming

OMG, we can't even.

You might be in the habit of saying "OMG, I just literally died," but this hilarious fake skeleton is actually OmgLiterallyDead

The Instagram account documents the life of Skellie, a life-sized human skeleton model. And it definitely acts like a model. (Or, as a matter of fact, like a number of girls on Instagram.)

Instagramming trips to Starbucks, mani/pedis, and brunch. How many of these are you guilty of?


"Don't worry, boys, it doesn't take me THAT long to get ready in the morning."

"Nothing is as cozy and warm as hot lattes and fresh gossip at Sbux w/ your fave baes."

"OMG so bored that I literally took 60 selfies on Photobooth. Caught my good side, twice!"

"Organic gluten free vegan fit life begins tomorrow"

"Beauty secret: organic papaya face mask and vegan gluten free cucumber slices! Use when you just can't with life anymore and need to feel extra fresh!"

"Some days you just need to relax, unwind, and have some me time, y'know?"

"OMG #tbt I'm so embarrassed!! Thanks for letting me leave the house, MOM!"

"Fresh mani."

"Omg worked out so hard I'm literally dead!"

"Ugh, caught such a deadly cold! Hate this, I literally feel like I am the most sick person in the world. Wish I had a boo to bring me soup and Starbucks."

"Shopped 'til I dropped"

"Seriously, anyone else need a weekend after their weekend?!"

"#SundayFunday #BunchWithBaes"

"The great Netflix binge of 2015 begins! I'm totally a Rachel."

"How many times do you have to tap the snooze button before your phone emails your boss with an excuse to miss work? Like hello, 2015, get on that Apple!"

"Ugh, #Starbucks barista fails again! It's Skellie, idiots."

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