Watch This 7-Year-Old In A Fairy Outfit Nail A Heelflip Like It's Absolutely No Biggie

Shut the front door.

Meet Rayssa Leal.


But don't be mistaken. She is certainly not your average 7-year-old.

In fact, this little nugget might just be one of the most bad*ss skateboarders we've seen out there. She got her first skateboard just a year ago at the age of 6, R7 reports, and has been splitting her time between school and skateboarding around her hometown of Imperatriz, Brazil, ever since.

Killer outfit and a skateboard. Everything a girl could ever ask for, really.

Damn. We only wish we were that cool when we were 7. 

The 14-second video of Rayssa trying to nail a heelflip was uploaded on Facebook just days ago, but has been viewed by more than 5 million times already. 

Her first attempt to do a heelflip wasn't too smooth.

But she gets up and gives it another try ...

... and, oh boy, Rayssa comes flying.

In just 14 seconds this girl redefined coolness. 

Whoa, lady. Nice one.

Just watch her:

(H/T: R7, Elite Daily)

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