This Sixth Grader Purposely Violated Her School's Dress Code To Make A Point. They Listened.

"I want to make sure they really do it.”

When Molly Neuner wore a racer back tank top at King Middle School in Portland, Maine, she was reportedly publicly reprimanded. But the next week the sixth grader decided to purposely break the dress code to make an important statement.

This time, Molly wore another tank top and wrote #IAmNotADistraction down her arm with marker. The #IAmNotADistraction hashtag was started in 2014 and it's something that has been frequently used to call out unfair dress code policies.


Molly explained that she intentionally broke the rules because she thought they were sexist and she was hoping to see a change to the dress code.

Others are also taking action. Following Molly's statement, approximately 20 other girls intentionally broke the school's policies by wearing similar tank tops.

And the school is listening to the message they're sending.

The Portland Press Herald reported that shortly after Molly wore her tank top, Molly's parents met with King Middle School's principal, Caitlin LeClair. And the school announced that it would review the dress code at the end of the school year following the students' objections.

"We plan to take this feedback and use it as an opportunity to have some students’ and parents’ input," LeClair said.

The current policy will remain in place until the end of the school year, but Molly is hopeful that things will change following the review. "I'm happy they're going to look at it, but I want to make sure they really do it," she said.

Molly's mom, Christina Harder Neuner, took to Facebook to say how proud she was of her daughter. "Our brave girl and her friends are so strong. Today my heart beams with pride. She is small but she is mighty. #iamnotadistraction"


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