6-Year-Old Applies For Job At Legoland With Handwritten Letter, And Gets An Incredible Offer

"I am the man for the job ... "

When a dream job comes up, we should pursue it, even if there are certain obstacles standing in our way like fear, uncertainty, timing, a lack of funds, having previous experience, or even age. Stanley Bolland didn't let any of these things stop him when he saw that Legoland Windsor had an opening for a model builder.

According to the BBC, Legoland Windsor was looking for model builder applicants with experience in product design, IT, and design packaging. Plus, an interest in the creation of Lego models.


The 6-year-old applied for the position with a handwritten letter explaining why he was the man for the job.

The letter read, "Dear Sir/Madam, I am 6 years old and I love Lego [and] have a box of it. I hide my Lego so my brother can't get it. I am the man [for] the job because I have lots of experience. Love, Stanley. (ref: model builders job)"

Unfortunately, Stanley wasn't successful in securing the model builder job, but his application did lead to an incredible offer.

Legoland responded to the boy's application by offering him work experience where he could shadow a builder for a day.

And it looks like the possibility of Stanley getting a job at Legoland is still in the cards. The Telegraph reported that Legoland's letter said, "Loving Lego is the first step to being a Model Maker, so it certainly sounds like you'll be perfect for the job (once you've finished school of course)."

Legoland staff member, Paula Laughton, was the one Stanley shadowed and she also promised to look out for his application in the future.

In addition to giving Stanley some invaluable experience in the field, the experience is also having a positive effect on adults.

One Reddit user said, "It's awesome that they let him shadow the people who do the job. That must've been a great experience."

Another Redditor said, "This is the cutest thing I've read in months."

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