15 Love Stories That Will Give You Chills In Only Six Words

Long story short...

Poets put them in verses, writers bind them in hardcovers, screenwriters express them in a sequence of moving pictures. 

Love stories are usually complicated and hard to explain. But not to the community behind the Six World Stories Tumblr and Reddit page. Here's a list of 15 love and loss stories elaborately written in only six words.


1. "Wrong number," says a familiar voice.

by bailiff

2. "I'll be back tomorrow." Years ago.

by Misa

3. Painfully, he changed "is" to "was."

4. She's the one. I'm the never.

5. Goodbye. Hurt. Numb. Hello. Joy. Repeat.

6. February 14, 2011: "Table for one."

7. The same sky, but worlds apart.

8. She's his love; he's her wallet.

by TKS

9. Loved her enough to pretend otherwise.

10. They lived happily ever after. Separately.

11. "I love you too," she lied.

by Grant

12. Day before the wedding. He proposes.

by Ben Ng

13. Sleeping with her. Dreaming of you.

14. She faked orgasms. I faked love.

by Trevor

15. He loved, she didn't. How typical.

by Nick

Cover image via  Billion Photos / Shutterstock.
For more evocative six word stories, visit sixwordstories.net.

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