Adorable Tiny Humans Borrow Mom's Camera Without Her Knowledge To Make This Amazing Video

"Say words Sydney. Say words."


We've seen quite a few people whip, and we've seen them nae nae, but these tiny tykes managed to make us fall in love with the dance all over again. 

5-year-old Jordyn Johnson and her one (and a half!) year old sister Syndey are absolute naturals in front of the camera. While Jordyn does most of the talking, both sisters dance their little hearts out on screen.

Jordyn starts the show off by introducing herself and her little sister. "I know she's little. She's a peanut." 

In the comfort of their own bedroom (or the "studio" as Jordyn calls it), they show off their slick dance moves. 

As Jordyn goes slightly off camera to put on Silento's "Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)", she tells Syndey to keep us occupied. "My sister will talk to you. Say words Sydney. Say words." 

Sydney doesn't say words, but she does give us a killer head tilt.

So cute it hurts. 

They even do the "stanky leg" and "break your legs" part of the dance. "Break your legs over here, Syd!"

The best part? Their parents had no idea the girls were doing this. Their mom, Amy, posted the video to Facebook with the caption, "When your 5 yr old makes videos without your knowledge....." 

We wouldn't be surprised if these adorable sisters make their way from their "studio" to Ellen's. 


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