10 Things That Only Happen When You Look Exactly Like Your Sister

"Which one are you again?"

While some sisters are complete physical opposites like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in their latest aptly-named flick, most share a passing resemblance. Some even look JUST like each other. If you and your sister have the world seeing double, you can probably relate to a few of these experiences: 


1. Whenever you see distant relatives (especially older ones), they always mix you up.

You know the drill: You're making the obligatory rounds at an extended family gathering, and almost everyone calls you by your sister's name. Great Uncle Melvin does it twice in five minutes. 

Even if my sister isn't at a family event, our family somehow still manages to mix us up. It's times like these I seriously wonder what's gonna happen at my wedding. If I'm lucky, someone will make flashcards for everyone to review. 

2. No one can tell you apart in baby pictures.

Many normal, loving parents love to display their children's baby pictures side by side. Other parents like to turn a kitchen wall into a gallery containing no less than twenty of their daughters' baby pictures, in no particular order. Sadistic parents, like mine, will also force every visitor (including but not limited to boyfriends) into playing an uncomfortable guessing game of "Who's Who." No one has ever "won" this game on their first try, not even our parents. 

3. If you're the little sister, you always get called the wrong name by teachers who had your older sister.

As the older sister/trailblazer, I personally never experienced this, but I imagine it goes something like this: You're sitting in class minding your own business when the teacher asks a question. Out of the goodness of your heart, you raise your hand to answer it. How does the teacher repay you? By calling you by the wrong name — and not just any wrong name, but the name of your arch foe, your nemesis, your evil doppelgänger: your sister. 

4. Strangers often mistake you for twins.

This used to happen to my sister and I when we went on family vacations as teenagers. Despite our four year age difference, I do have a baby face and, at the time, we were basically the same height. (I am now shorter. I suppose that's karma for all the Lindsays she had to hear in class.)  Even so, I always thought it was a bit of a stretch whenever someone asked us if we were twins, but who am I to question the infinite wisdom of complete and total strangers?

5. People always feel the need to tell you that you look alike because apparently neither of you own a mirror.

"Or because they think they're the person to figure out this mystery of genetics," my sister said when I consulted her for this article. (Clearly, we share more than just our looks.) 

What's even worse is that after Captain Obvious says, "You two look so much alike!" he follows it with, "I bet you hear that a lot!" Oh, you have no idea…

6. Small differences become a big deal.

When we were kids, friends and relatives always asked my parents which daughter resembled them the most. They always responded, "Neither, they look like each other." As we've aged, however, I've come to see us as two sides of the same coin. Though our features still look quite similar, my face shape is more round and soft (resembling our dad), while my sister's face is more oval and precise (like our mom's). Unsurprisingly, such small differences are only noticeable to family, so we rely on more overt differences like my super curly hair or my sister's glasses to assert our individuality. 

7. You know how something will look on you when you see it on your sister.

My sister and I are basically each other's beauty guinea pigs. Because we look alike, we often use similar techniques to style our hair and makeup (and inadvertently perpetuate everyone's confusion — sorry, world). It's definitely one of the best perks of looking so much like my sister. If she tries something new, I know how it will look on me without having to do anything. And if either of us makes a terrible beauty mistake, at least the other one knows she dodged a bullet. 

8. Even when one of you changes your appearance, you're still always compared to each other.

Though my sister and I choose to look alike, when one of us makes even a subtle change to our appearance — like dying our hair — relatives, friends, and other human beings with eyes always feel the need to comment on it. Reactions usually go one of two ways. Some lament our individuality, saying, "Aww, now you don't look as much like your sister." Others are grateful for a new hint in the name-guessing game, saying, "It'll finally be easier to tell you two apart now!" No matter what you look like, you'll always be compared to your sister. 

9. If you own the same article of clothing, you can never wear it at the same time.

While you both probably look great in a certain color or type of top, you can never dress similarly if you want anyone to remember your name, especially at family events. This is the real reason sisterly communication is so important. While accidents do happen, if you have the time and wardrobe options, flip a coin to see who has take one for the team and change. Remember, you're not Mary-Kate and Ashley (or Kate McKinnon and Ellen Degeneres). 

10. When describing what your sister looks like to someone who's never met her, the easiest thing to say is "Me."

Growing up, I used to hate whenever someone told me just how much I looked like my sister. (Granted, I had delusions of grandeur starring myself as a princess switched at birth, and having physical proof that I belonged in my family really shattered that dream for me.) She wasn't too fond of the comparison either. In unison, we'd say, "Ew, no we don't!", inadvertently proving that not only did we look alike, but we sounded alike, too. Now, whenever someone says I look like my sister, I accept it as a compliment.

My sister (left) and me.  Instagram 


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