Siri Dials 911, Saves Teenager's Life After He Got Trapped Under His Car

Sam Ray is one lucky guy.

Sam Ray always wanted a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but he's lucky he got the iPhone. 

The 18-year-old was working underneath his 5,000 pound 1998 Black Dodge Dakota at his home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when the jack unexpectedly broke and left him stuck under the car, slowly being crushed. 


With his arm trapped under the car, Ray tried banging against the side of the vehicle to get someone's attention, before remembering he was home alone. While squirming on his back, Ray heard the tone of Siri in the back of his pocket. 

"It felt like my leg was breaking cause I could just feel it bending," Ray told NBC News. On his phone suddenly going off, he said: "You know when Siri goes off at the most inopportune time and you get angry, like why in the world are you going off?"

Well that's exactly what happened, except this time, he needed her now more than ever. 

Ray's injuries were serious enough to leave him in the hospital.

He had burns, a crushed kidney and several broken ribs.

Once he heard Siri's voice, Ray asked her to call 911. After hearing a brief "hello" on the other line, he just began yelling his address, that he was trapped under his car and begging for help. 

"We get a lot of pocket dials, and I thought it was a pocket dial at first," Rutherford County dispatcher Christina Lee told The Tennessean. "But then I heard the screams for help."

After 40 minutes of being trapped under the truck, volunteer firefighters arrived and jacked it up to save Ray's life. He was then airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he received treatment and made a full recovery.

"I guess I'm stuck with an iPhone for the rest of my life," Ray said. "I owe them that."

Check out the local news report below:

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