Survey Debunks Some Of The Biggest Dating Myths Out There

Hint: Ladies, stop LOL-ing.

An estimated 3 million first dates happen each day, and 2.5 million people are tying the knot every year. But how does one go from that first timid meeting to pledging words of everlasting love? This data might help you get there.

Major dating site compiled its annual Singles In America (SIA) report, which it calls "America's most comprehensive study on singles." More than 5,600 single Americans of all ages, genders, ethnicities and income groups were surveyed in order to debunk outdates myths and give us the scoop on the latest trends.


Myth #1: Men feel intimidated by successful women.

As the "Singles in America" survey shows, 87 percent of single men would date a woman who they consider more educated and more intellectual. (And the same percentage wouldn't mind dating a woman who makes more money as well!)

Myth #2: Looking good is more important than having a good sense of humor.

Apparently, 90 percent of single American men and 97 percent of single American women consider having a sense of humor to be just as important in a prospective partner as being physically attractive. 

In fact, when it comes to selfies, almost 40 percent say that the most attractive self-portraits are those that channel your silly side.

Myth #3: Dating more than one person at a time is necessarily a bad thing.

According to the survey, a whopping 74 percent of single women in America think that it's OK to casually date more than one person at a time. And hey, as long as everyone's aware and cool with it, more power to you!

Myth #4: Men don't want a woman to ask them out. data shows that 90 percent of surveyed men pointed out they wouldn't mind a woman asking them out on a date. Ladies, roll up your sleeves and start asking.

Myth #5: Bars and clubs are the best places to meet someone.

While going to bars might be good for your social life, it seems unlikely that you will meet your significant other in there. In fact, says that only six percent of singles met their most recent first date at a bar or a club. So if you really want to get in the game, it might be about time to download Tinder.

Myth #6: Online daters are desperate bums and creeps.

Singles in America statistics show that more online daters have steady, full-time jobs than those who only find dates in real-life. Additionally, online daters are more likely to have a bachelor's degree or some form of higher education.

Myth #7: Online daters are only interested in one night stands.

A significant amount of online daters are looking for serious relationships: 27 percent of online daters are willing to commit and 52 percent are interested in marriage. 

In comparison, only 27 percent of offline daters are seeking committed relationships and less than 50 percent are interested in getting hitched. 

Moreover, online daters go on far more dates: data shows that online daters went on an average of 4.2 dates in 2014, compared to 2.8 dates by those who date offline.

Myth #8: All women enjoy sexy texts.

Apparently, a lot of women could actually go without. When asked to provide tips for single men, surveyed women established the following dos and don'ts: do send photos, emoticons and chatspeak. Don't text more than once before a reply, don't send sexy photos or sexy texts.

Relevantly, single men were found more likely to send sexually explicit messages, with 46 percent  owning up to it as opposed to 35 percent of women.

Myth #9: Every guy likes it when you LOL.

While the survey shows men are cool with emoticons, they are put off by slang (LOL, OMG, etc.)... and women who text during work hours.

Luckily, men and women do agree on at least one thing: Texting several times before a reply is definitely not sexy.

Myth #10: If you have beauty and brawn, you don't need brains.

According to data from, misspelling and bad grammar are big turnoffs in today's dating world. Thank goodness for autocorrect.

Myth #11: Everyone googles their date.

It's safe to say that the odds of being googled are far from definite: They're actually about 50/50. The survey reveals that 51 percent of surveyed men and women research their new date online. Also, 30 percent of singles use Skype or FaceTime to communicate with their dates.



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