10 Images Perfectly Sum Up A Guy's Life When He's Single Vs. Taken

Some things need to be sacrificed.

"There are two kinds of men in this world: single and taken."

Or at least that's what the folks over at ScrollDroll think. Their illustration series "Single Vs Taken" perfectly sums up the differences between guys that are single versus those who have already found their better half.

Check them out below. These images are spot on.


First of all, when you're in a relationship you might as well kiss that hobo look you loved so much goodbye. Meet your new friends, razors and hair gel.

Your phone bill inevitably gets bigger and bigger because of all the "no, you hang up" sweet talk.

Nights out with the boys drinking beer become romantic dinners with wine and champagne.

And when you do have nights out, they're never quite the same.

Friend requests from random girls are taboo.

Even though you're on Facebook more than ever.

You drive a little slower. Better safe than sorry.

Your "regular seat" at the movie theater gets pushed farther back.

Oh, and eventually your wallet starts to get thinner, almost as if it went on a diet.

But hey, do any of these really feel like a sacrifice when you've got your significant other there beside you?

To see more creative and funny stuff from ScrollDroll, visit their Facebook page.

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