Single Co-Workers Got 'Married' For A Week. Here's What Happened.

“I’m going to marry Zack for a week, which is probably a huge mistake.”


Ashly Perez and Zach Kornfeld both work at BuzzFeed and are super single. For the love of social experimenting (or something), the pair decided to "get married" for a week to see what it would be like.  

Marriage for them meant eating, sleeping, and living together. They had to communicate every day and plan a random act of love for each other. "Like most married couples, it's going to be completely sexless," Zack says in the video. We know you were wondering.  

Things got off to a rocky start. For one, Ashly didn't even think to make any room for Zack's stuff before he moved in. "Oh my God, I didn't even think about this," she says. "I guess I'll have to move my kimono." 

Even though they got into arguments and Ashly wanted a divorce by the second day of marriage, they stuck it out and learned a lot from each other. 

"It's nice to have someone who's always on your team and marriage really is teamwork," Ashly said. 

"Marriage is f*cking hard, y'all," Zack said. "It's scary to open yourself to another human being, but it can also be really rewarding, and I see that now." 

They both decided they would want to get married some day. 

"But not to each other," they both agreed.  


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