It Took 5 Years, But This Single Dad Recreated One Of The Finest Moments From 'The Simpsons' In Real Life

'Do it for her.'

When your spouse decides to leave you for good, the world can suddenly seem grim and pointless. More so, if you know there's a new life waiting to be brought into this world, but you're not really welcome to see it.

"My divorce began in 2008 before my daughter was born. I wasn't there due to our separation and I felt as though it was only going to get harder to be a father when things were so bitter between my ex and me," writes Imgur user VerbalNinja13.

But events took a different turn when he met his little munchkin for the first time.


This is their first encounter. Looks like someone's interested in daddy's teeth...

Imgur | VerbalNinja13

VerbalNinja13 writes that he felt like he's always been a dad — "Everything came as naturally as breathing," he says.

Despite the stress after divorce, this single dad swore to himself that he'd do everything in his power to provide love and support for his daughter. 

And to make sure he never forgot that promise, VerbalNinja13 decided to create a little reminder for himself and borrowed the idea from the popular TV show The Simpsons.

He took the famous scene where Homer reveals the board full of Maggie's pics and a sentence that says 'Do it for her.'

Imgur | VerbalNinja13

For those of you who don't know, this plaque belongs in Homer's work office at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. It was hung there by Mr. Burns and originally said, "Don't forget you're here forever."

In the episode, Bart and Lisa question their parents on why their family photo album has no pictures of Maggie. To which Homer responds: "Oh, there are pictures. I keep them where I need the most cheering up."

The handy Imgurian quickly made his own plaque, hung it on the wall and started covering it up.

Imgur | VerbalNinja13

First there were just a few photos from their first week together...

Imgur | VerbalNinja13

But now, five years later, the board is completely filled with priceless father-daughter moments.

Imgur | VerbalNinja13

'The stress of it all faded away and any hardships I endured were all worth it because I realized I had every reason to fight,' the father remembers.

Imgur | VerbalNinja13


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