The Heartwarming Reason A Single Dad Wore A Dress To A Thai Mother's Day Event

His sons surely appreciated the moment.

Mother's Day in Thailand has been celebrated on August 12 since 1976 in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's birthday, the Mother of all Thai people. The celebration is a national holiday which normally involves decorations, parades and firework displays. At schools, mothers typically celebrate by spending the day engaging in activities with their children, including a ceremony where the kids kneel at their mom's feet and say thanks for all they have done.


Single dad Chatchai "Sam" Panuthai didn't want his sons, Imsome, 3, and Ozone, 5, to be left out of the festivities at school, so he came up with a creative idea.

He wore a dress to the occasion as a symbol of him stepping in as their mother figure.

Panuthai's friend and fellow parent at the school, Kornpat Ae Sukhom, explained to BuzzFeed that Panuthai didn't want his young sons to feel excluded because their mother, who now lives in Europe, couldn't attend. So, he decided to fill her shoes.

Sukhom also captured a video of the Mother's Day festivities and shared it on Facebook with the translated caption "Outstanding Mom 2018." It shows the single dad clad in a pale lace dress with a flower clip in his short hair. He is sat next to the other moms and his son is kneeling at his feet.

Since the video was shared on August 9, it has received over 6 million views.

The boys might have been a bit confused initially about why their dad was wearing a dress, but it's clear they enjoyed themselves as evidenced by their big smiles in the photos and video.

The viral video has resonated with people because it shows the love a parent has for their kids and how they will go above and beyond to help them. It's a story that people worldwide can relate to. A similar viral moment from 2017 involved a single mom from Utah dressing up as a "dad" for a father-son event.


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