This Singer In Coffee Shop Didn't Realize He Was Singing A Matisyahu Song With Matisyahu

This could happen to you one day.

Thanks to fortune, coincidence, or perhaps an alignment of the stars, a young ukulele player busking at Honolulu Coffee Shop in Paia, Maui, Hawai'i, got to experience every amateur musician's dream when he was joined by Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu in singing the artist's song "One Day" from his 2009 album Light.

According to MauiWatch, local musician Clint Alama was playing a ukulele version of "One Day" when the singer, who had just purchased a coffee and was in town to perform at the annual MayJah RayJah concert, joined him in singing. 

Alama didn't seem to recognize the now-bleach-blond singer, who, the Huffington Post reports, has been clean-shaven since 2012 or so


The video shows Alama thanking him, saying "I love your voice, man," followed by a bemused Matisyahu asking, "You know who wrote that song?"

"Matis," Alama says.

The singer smiles and points to himself. "I'm Matisyahu."

The clip was uploaded to Facebook by Matisyahu bassist Stu Brooks, where it quickly went viral.

One Facebook commenter called it "that coffee shop moment that NEVER happens": the dream moment when a musician or artist that you look up to, suddenly and randomly notices you, sees your talent, and acknowledges you. 

(H/T: MauiWatch)


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