When Racist Tweets Were Sent To Her Son, This Mom Knew Exactly What To Say

"She really wants me to move back to Texas."

Usually when parents join Twitter it signifies the start of an embarrassing barrage of #TBT photos and endless tech-related questions, but when professor Simran Jeet Singh's mom, Parvinder Kaur, created an account with the social media site earlier this month, she came directly for her son's trolls.

In fact, as soon as Kaur learned that some Twitter users shared racist messages with her son that included telling him to "go home" or to "go back" to where he's "from," she attempted to put a stop to it with one, epic clapback.

In a December 5 tweet, Singh, who currently lives in New York City and now has a family of his own, shared his mom's brilliant retort. "She wanted me to thank you all," he wrote. "She really wants me to move back to Texas."


"She also encouraged me to remind people that Texas basically is its own country," Singh added

According to Singh, this brand of humor is pretty typical for his awesome mom. "My mom's always had a good sense of humor about this kind of stuff — and she passed that down to my brothers and me," he told BuzzFeed News. "Humor's been a helpful tool for us because it helps us deal with the ugliness in a way that's soulful and enriching," he added, noting that he experienced some "negative incidents" because of his faith while growing up in San Antonio.

In a 2014 study, 67% of of turbaned Sikh youth living in California reported they have experienced bullying and harassment, and in a 2012 survey of 628 New York Sikhs, 85% reported being questioned about their immigration status in interactions with law-enforcement officials.

Not surprisingly, Singh clearly takes after his mom in terms of how he handles racism and bigotry. "Of course we take threats of violence seriously, but the other stuff? I find it healthier to make the best of it," he explained. "I think this joke from my mom is a good example of that."

Since sharing his mom's musings earlier this week, Singh's tweet has amassed nearly 153,000 likes, about 27,000 retweets, and over 1,300 comments. In fact, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg even chimed in with a response of his own, which you can see above.


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